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December 2nd, 2006

01:10 am - poop
we walked two miles to the bus stop and when we got there I said I really hope the bus doesn't come..and we waited and I willed it not to come
and I could have stayed one more night, so my indian said you still have time to decide and even though we'd walked and it was muddy and hot and he had to carry this ridiculously huge yellow rain coat along with my bag
just in case it rained again..
he was really smily to think that i might stay the extra night
but we spotted the bus
and he asked what did i decide! and i still didn't know because it would be great to stay but terrible to fail your first semester of college
and i thought maybe papers were less important and i would have to be the only one to believe it, but i wasn't strong enough and he jumped out into the road and hailed the bus and he said
well you never told me what you decided, and now here's the bus
so i left
and i cried a lot out the window.

and while i was there with him, eating plantains and brushing my teeth a lot and getting diarrhea and cold feet on the cement floors
and kisses and kisses and a never-ending flow of kisses,
i was really wanting to go home sometimes.

but now i'm sad and i'll miss him a lot more than i thought.
Current Mood: tiredtired

November 23rd, 2006

08:58 pm - damn these central american prices
I was wondering if anyone needed me to work for them or knows someone who would hire me for anything during december break because maybe my debit card ISN'T unlimited..


i'm sure if i called marino's they could fit me in because they always need extra help around christmas..but even though it's been like six months since I quit i'm still tired of working there.

so if you hear about anything..or know about anything..remember that i need a job!

November 7th, 2006

07:43 pm - oh god
Í´ve done two very stupid things in the past week.

One, I´ve downloaded The Sims at a time when there is only a month left to finish all my paperwork..in which i am incredibly behind..

Two, I bought a cow. I can´t even begin to explain the events leading up to me buying a cow, only that I was completely sober and she needs a name. (preferably one alluding to a classical literary character). But not Hester.
Current Mood: sickimpulsive

November 3rd, 2006

02:04 am - snapshotss
here are some lovely pictures of my indian man and his pueblo

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October 17th, 2006

09:59 pm - this is the third time this minute that i have to pee
i think my bladder is the size of a kumquat.

tomorrow brian and i are going to Santa Elena for our Service learning project at the coffee plantation. (i am excited to grow coffee. and drink it) we're supposed to take the bus on thursday at FIVE THIRTY so no, we're just going to find a two-dollar tent for the night and then meet up with our directors the next morning at the bus stop.

it should be an adventuure..this weekend i went back to the indian reservation aaah it was awesome again. i played soccer and picked oranges and bananas and unfortunately there was no bull-herding but plenty of my indigenous man.. at first i wasn't taking him very seriously as a boyfriend but now i am.

it's really hard to see each other though because now he has a job in Tamarindo that is REALLY far and he's living in one of those workhouses that are constructed for the workers..but they suck because nobody cares about workers..:(

he says he will buy me a goat so we can make cheese

love molly

p.s. i miss everyone terriblyy
Current Location: heredia

September 28th, 2006

04:09 am - haHA
I walked into the center today and there was only girls, sitting doing homework (out of the 29 students with me, 25 are girls). And I thought, I bet I could play Jewel right now and everyone would sing along

so I played You Were Meant For Me and we were all like BRUSH MY TEETH I PUT THE CAP BACK OONN

Current Mood: i am never brookeenn
Current Music: jewel

August 18th, 2006

01:09 pm
My cousin Stephen who has been staying at my house for the past four weeks just informed me that microwaves
kill people. Well, maybe. They did a study where they fed a cat microwaved cat food every day and the cat died after a month. the cat died! so oh my god we all have to boycott microwaves. If you really think about it, microwaves are a scary thing. They can melt plastic in less than four minutes without using any fire. what the hell

tomorrow morning, i'm cooking my grape nuts on the stove, in a pot, where i can SEE THE FIRE cooking my cereal, and I can be sure that afterwards it is not radioactive.

Also in Stephen-news, Tropicana puts sugar in their juice. They say 'no sugar/additives' but what they mean is 'we pay the feds 5000 dollars a year so we can put sugar in our juice and lie about it on the carton'. or whoever they would pay..i mean i don't know if it's the feds who would handle that kind of thing. honestly I don't know who 'feds' refers to. but whatever, I'm never drinking Tropicana again
even though I hardly ever drink juice, and if I did, i guess i wouldn't really care if it had sugar in it, but whatever Tropicana, that's just wrong. WRONG

the microwave thing I am actually serious about. we were discussing how instead of heating it up it mutates the molecules of the food and who knows what that could do to your body.

love, molly

p.s. i'm back from cali
Current Mood: annoyedradioactivated

August 10th, 2006

11:43 am - cali
my cousin ashley just handed me a cup of something that looked like cafe con leche and she said "Try my coffee!" She's been making coffee for the past half hour..so i tried it and it tasted like sour whole milk and cashews and grossness..

our hotel room at the best western ("Silicon Valley Inn". it is actually called that) is hotness. we have a kitchen with A STOVE with TWO BURNERS one that i accidentally left on for three hours last night but its awesome. we make lots of pudding and instant mashed potatoes.

my cousins and uncle bob and aunt are here too. i am bored a lot and do USA today crosswords. and at every mealtime i try to score mexican food because i know once i get back to the east coast i'll have to wait..um..two weeks? before i can taste another burrito?

my upper abdomen aches every day i think because for the past week i've had at least three cups of coffee per day. there is just an abundance of free coffee that i can't refuse. sleeping is hard

i miss you all dearly and can we have a party when i get back. by party i mean small gathering...by small i mean alcohol?
Current Location: best western
Current Mood: unshowered

July 21st, 2006

08:35 pm - pirates!!
I haven't seen pirates of the caribbean yet. and i really want to. I know it got bad reviews and a lot of people say they didn't like it but i know i will..because it has pirates in it..and keira knightley. and mr. depp of course.

captain jack sparrow is definitely my Mr. Right.

i might not go to california this year because my grandma is battling gallstones..which sucks..because i actually really wanted to go.

the recipes at wholefoodsmarket.com are my new life
but so is martha stewart's baking handbook
i never thought i'd say this, but after reading her baking tips..and recipes for black and white cookies..and summer fruit tarts..martha stewart is my idol

i'm going to go put her as my hero on myspace now

in other devastating news...the Sims 2 stopped working on my computer..i am now virtually purposeless.. unless you come see Pirates of the Caribbean with mee
Current Mood: crushedsim-less
Current Music: bluegrass

July 18th, 2006

08:49 am
guess who thought they got a 3 on the A.P. spanish test and just found out that they got a FIIIVEE? fiive being the highest gradee?

:punches air: yesss

the college board thinks i'm "extremely well-qualified"

in spanish, anyway
Current Mood: successful

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